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About Us

GH-USA is the most dynamic organization and has well established long term objectives for manufacturing of quality products, maintaining a position of technological leadership and continually improving the efficiency of its operation.


Mission Statement:


Design and Manufacture the very best valve available in the World, utilizing an application specific focus and market understanding. To become the leading manufacturer of balls, gates and swing checks for the valve industry.

GH Valves in action!

1. GH-USA Valve Co.’s products include a wide variety of valves in bronze, iron, steel and corrosion resistant alloys for class 125 to API 20,000 PSI pressure services.


2. Our experience in the development of valves encompasses years of craftsmanship. Through modern engineering, laboratory, research and testing facilities GH-USA Valve Co. has been able to keep pace with the changing times.


3. The excellent performance of GH-USA in all applications led us to become the recognized standard for Ball Valve-Floating Trunnion, Swing Check, Strainer, Globe, Butterfly, and Gate Valves in the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.


4. GH-USA valves are straight-through flow valves, which provide positive shutoff with minimal pressure drop and flow turbulence.




GH-USA Valve Co.'s quality system is integral to all operations. Engineering, Manufacturing and Sales functions are conducted within GH-USA’s quality assurance manual. Full employee acceptance of quality is paramount to a successful Quality Assurance Program. GH-USA has established a culture of quality throughout the company, from the initial customer inquiry to the final product shipment.


The GH-USA Quality Assurance Program encompasses a complete quality management system to ensure conformance with national reference standards including ANSI/ASME Code requirements